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A41, Bryanston and Dorset Square

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Traffic Region: London

Traffic Authority: Westminster

Road Number: A41

Road Type: Class A Principal road in Urban area

OS Grid: TQ277820

Location: Bryanston and Dorset Square

Census Point ID: 16435

Census Point Coverage: A41 between A501 and A41 Park Rd

Traffic statistics by year: All traffic

Vehicle Types - Average Daily Flow for Year Graph this data 200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132014
Pedal Cycles1861931845908429491082912893907240238241199200
Motorcycles and Mopeds569641603839108910321158961896836466462440422429
Buses and Coaches9048991039127513751366153215961695177012991335128812521213
Light Goods Vehicles147314691329142615201697214420621930180615661553152115871653
Two-axle Rigid HGVs242223229202190209191205201186259258277294292
Three-axle Rigid HGVs222427212123202224243133384447
Four-axle Rigid HGVs1312139910101212121112151718
Three-axle Articulated HGVs212017171914131312103024181817
Five-axle Articulated HGVs11108997676555565
Six-axle Articulated HGVs10121233334441011111616
All HGVs319301306261251266243263259241346343365395396
All motor vehicles162761547514128137131502015178162081501214545141151452514454135011317013530

Traffic statistics by year: Northbound

Vehicle Types - Average Daily Flow for Year Graph this data 200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132014
Pedal Cycles1861935908429491082912893907240238241199200
Motorcycles and Mopeds569641839108910321158961896836466462440422429
Buses and Coaches904899127513751366153215961695177012991335128812521213
Light Goods Vehicles14731469142615201697214420621930180615661553152115871653
Two-axle Rigid HGVs242223202190209191205201186259258277294292
Three-axle Rigid HGVs2224212123202224243133384447
Four-axle Rigid HGVs13129910101212121112151718
Three-axle Articulated HGVs2120171914131312103024181817
Five-axle Articulated HGVs1110997676555565
Six-axle Articulated HGVs101233334441011111616
All HGVs319301261251266243263259241346343365395396
All motor vehicles1627615475137131502015178162081501214545141151452514454135011317013530


Figures are daily averages calculated from all traffic counts over the course of the year.

Values are rounded to the nearest whole number

A value of zero for any entry means that there were either no recorded vehicles of that type or too few to register after rounding.

A blank value means that there were no counts made in that year

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